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The Free smileys, Free emoticons, below, make it very easy to express

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or tell someone you love them or wish them a happy birthday.

To insert them into any email, any blog. Takes just a click of the mouse.

Clicking the red link above or the Smileys,  & emoticons below, redirects you to the toolbar

download page. After you click the orange download button, your walked through the steps.

Cat smileys                                                                              

                                                                           Click Here.



                                                                           Click Here.



                                                                           Click Here.


Nom Noms                                                                          

                                                                           Click Here.



                                                                            Click Here.


Send the person you love an email, love letter using these Hearts & Roses.



                                                                         Click Here.



                                                                           Click Here.

Clicking the Hearts and roses above or the link below, redirects you to the toolbar download page, 

their your walked through the steps.

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Clicking link above or graphics, below redirects you to the toolbar download page,then your walked through the steps.

Happy Birthday Cake SliceYin & YangWinged Heart TattooI Miss YouPink Butterfly TattooYou're on a RollWelcoming MouseBlue love bird tattoo

Can Ya Dig It?Bow & Arrow TattooBiggest FanSize Matters

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Clicking any of the free emoticons, & free smileys below redirects you to the toolbar download page,then your walked through the steps.

Smiley Sunglasses

Birthday Candles

Love Forever

Thank You


Heart Glasses

Spray I Love You


Spring Break

Blowing Bubble

Big Hug

Belly Laugh

Happy Birthday



Valentine hand heart

Love You


Walking Dog